Over half of a decade… Secretly, in darkness… We’ve been conducting lethal experiments under raw operations, trying to figure out the perfect algorythm… a code for the ultimate creation.

In search of the missing pieces in the evolutionary process of the human nature, with sacred rituals, we have brought back to life the fallen ones. We’ve met heavy resistance while healing the sins of the deadly ones. From beyond the fabrics of reality through parallel universes, we’ve gained necessary wisdom and obtained experiences through self-awakening.

From the moment of birth and through formation of the symbol… Our undercover movement was the mark of the new era.

After years of passionate dedication and hard work… We are ready to rise from deep within… From the shadows of vast dark spaces… Out into the daylight to set new milestones and make history on the new promise land.

It’s time to create a new foundation for the launch… Launch into the infinity and shed light on the project of sonicboom!